November 17, 2012


Les is a real trooper!  He heads out the door, bundled in many layers and armed with a thermos of hot tea, each morning.  He comes home  ten hours later chilled with wind-flushed cheeks and damp clothes.  It is pretty awesome that our "forever" home will have so much sweat equity from an amazing husband and father! 
Everything is ready for garage framing.
The deck is looking really great. Bobcat landscaping is the weekend's project so that the final deck section can be completed next week.  We are loving the wrap around deck.
A little toboganning fun right outside the front door!  The boys are pretty excited that they can toboggan without even going anywhere.  Please excuse the poor picture quality.  I must go check the camera settings!

November 16, 2012

Colds and Cold

Good riddance to cold weather and our houseful of colds!  Things are looking up, weather-wise, with a milder forecast for several days. Earlier in the week was spent clearing snow and digging deck material out of drifts.  Les said it was a nice feeling to remove packaging from the bundle of reclaimed Fir posts delivered last month.  Deck building has begun and I am heading out there this afternoon to take some pictures.  Watch for another post tomorrow! 

November 2, 2012


The kitchen is definitely one of my favorite rooms offering serenity amidst chaos! There is almost always a batch of something on the go in mine.  This week has been Halloween goodies, sauerkraut and pureeing pumpkins.  The majority of my time is spent here so you can imagine how much thought I have put into my "dream" kitchen.  Will it have everything I have ever wished for?  Absolutely not!  Of course there is a budget and of course there are size restraints.  I have talked myself out of certain "wants" but along the way discovered some very innovative products and ideas.  Check out full surface induction cook top!  So very cool!
It is a modest sized kitchen that has been designed, changed and tweaked numerous times over the past four years.  Function and storage while staying true to the budget was always the focus. In an effort to reduce future counter top clutter I have even gone so far as taking inventory and deciding where everything will live in the new kitchen. 
My absolute favorite features include fantastic small appliance cabinets, a compartmentalized corner drawer (bye bye Pampered Chef spinning kitchen tool death trap!)  and a beverage centre separate from the kitchen.
The layout is essentially complete and my energy has shifted to sourcing the back splash, counter tops, sinks, etc.  Interior designer I am not but I do have a clear vision of what I want the end product to look like. 

A future post will have some pictures and also give credit to a very patient and knowledgeable kitchen designer.