November 21, 2014

Clean kitchen

A clean kitchen is a rare occasion.  

It stayed like this just long enough to snap a few pictures and then back to holiday goodies headquarters in preparation for tomorrow's sale!

I love my kitchen!  It's not perfect but it's pretty fine!
The lovely cabinet pulls.
Kitchen still needs wall ovens, back
splash and some painting but those are minor details at this point.
This is the view when we walk in
 from main entrance.
These end cabinets mostly house kid's craft supplies :)
Sink with a built in drainboard?  Yes please!
Love these pendant lights!

November 20, 2014

Hello there! A kitchen update.

I love cooking, baking and anything related to food preparation.  It is therapeutic and while creating something scrumptious I reflect, contemplate, relax...

Being "kitchen-less" for several months was hard on my mental state.  Sometime in July I realized that I really, really missed the kind of cooking I had become accustomed to.  I had been putting food on our plates and in our bowls but really just doing the bare minimum.  So, every second weekend for three months I loaded the car with ingredients, stopped at the farmer's market and headed to the cabin with the boys for a couple nights.  And, oh boy, did I cook!  I worked in the kitchen for 10+ hours straight while the boys played and taste tested everything and life was good.  

In early July we upgraded from a bar fridge to a proper fridge.  That was nice!  By the end of July our kitchen cabinets were installed and in early August the counter-top was installed.  Our sink was in the laundry room so we did a lot of walking to take care of dishes (no, we didn't use paper plates).  In September, the microwave drawer was put in place.  The kitchen cabinet contractor came back to do the cook top and sink cut outs and finish installing the uppers.  In October Les installed the induction cook top (hallelujah!).  Our first meal was fettuccine Alfredo with steamed broccoli.  The sink and faucet were installed and everything was looking great.  A few pretty things - counter stools and island lights - were added in November.  We haven't installed the dishwasher yet because then we wouldn't have anywhere to put the sauerkraut crocks :).  Next up are the wall ovens and back splash.  

Here are some pictures of the progress.  I will add the "latest" picture in a couple days.