February 21, 2014

Starting to Finish...

Main entry door

Kitchen area - looking East. The garbage can will be replaced with an island at some point.
So it's been a while since the last post. I've been getting alot of requests for photos so here are some of the latest.
The walls are framed, the drywall is hung, and mudding & taping has begun!
Main floor electrical is done.
Most of the upstairs plumbing is done, except the some of the water lines and septic. That will come soon.
For the most part things are progressing well. My full time job has really put a damper on the house project though.
Did I mention that we are moving in on April 20th?? Hmmm... I wonder.....well we will see how much is done prior to move in!!!
Thanks to all of our devoted followers, see you soon!
Looking East, yup that's the flooring, just waiting for someone to install it! 
This is where the bar would be...if we were to make a bar with a sink and a fridge....

Looking North East - Stairwell and main entry.

Looking West - kitchen area

Hallway looking North... that's the door to the garage. On the right is the door to the
master bed room.

Garage Looking south - that's the entry door into the family mud room! ha-ha.

Garage Looking North