November 19, 2013


Happy Tuesday!  I just realized that I have no current house photos on my iPhone and can't seem to locate my camera.  The past month has been hectic in our household and a lot of changes have taken place.  The good news is that the house is officially at "lock up" stage and just in time for winter I might add!  Exterior and garage doors are hung and operational, doors are stained, garage slab poured and all windows installed.  The yard has been tidied and snow fence installed.  Inside, there is a great start on main floor electrical and plumbing rough-in.  There will be a slow down in progress as Les has gone back to work to fill up the penny jar.  We had to move, unexpectedly, this past weekend.  We've never been "evicted" (that sounds so harsh) before and, no, we didn't do anything wrong.  The company we rent from needed the house for a new employee.  Big thanks to my mom and dad for letting us take over their house for the winter!!