November 19, 2013


Happy Tuesday!  I just realized that I have no current house photos on my iPhone and can't seem to locate my camera.  The past month has been hectic in our household and a lot of changes have taken place.  The good news is that the house is officially at "lock up" stage and just in time for winter I might add!  Exterior and garage doors are hung and operational, doors are stained, garage slab poured and all windows installed.  The yard has been tidied and snow fence installed.  Inside, there is a great start on main floor electrical and plumbing rough-in.  There will be a slow down in progress as Les has gone back to work to fill up the penny jar.  We had to move, unexpectedly, this past weekend.  We've never been "evicted" (that sounds so harsh) before and, no, we didn't do anything wrong.  The company we rent from needed the house for a new employee.  Big thanks to my mom and dad for letting us take over their house for the winter!!

September 17, 2013

Around the Farm...

 Well hello there!  Thanks for stopping by to look at some of the fall activity around the farm.

Fir deck posts which are being treated slowly but surely.

West veranda.

East "morning coffee" deck and door.

View of house from the west on a nice sunny day.
View of the house from the north.

Exterior plaster complete!

Our "tree whisperer" who has put countless hours into watering the shelterbelt. 
As of today, we have not had rain in 11 weeks.  Thanks dad!

Garage slab is ready to be poured.

It has been perfect harvesting weather.
Harvest has begun and, oh my, has the weather ever been nice!
Such a beautiful September day!

August 12, 2013

The Big Picture

Everywhere we look at the "farm" there is something to be done...pulling weeds, tidying, pulling weeds, picking up debris, pulling weeds, gathering recycling, pulling weeds, cleaning the shop, pulling weeds.  Oh yeah, and there's house building to be done.  Do you get a sense of what has been going on the last few weeks?!  As of today we are winning the weed war.  But a couple days of sunshine and working can quickly change that.  This lovely picture shows the big picture and reminds us why we are doing this.

July 16, 2013

Hello there...

We're back!  June was quite hectic with work, family life and building.  Our family took a road trip to Denver for an early summer vacation and a much needed break.  We have been keeping occupied during the last ten days weeding the shelter belt, trying to get water hooked up and installing window sills and bench seats. 

The house looked like this last week...

Today the house looks like this...

We are so excited that wall plastering has finally begun. 

June 17, 2013

Staying Positive

There are ample reasons to get discouraged while building a house. 

The plumber repeatedly says he will come but never shows up.  He's mostly cruising around town waiting for "coffee hour" at the local restaurant to begin.  Hundreds of trees get planted which deparately need rain so that three full days of labour aren't spent watering.  Then it rains, non-stop, three inches over the course of three days. Stuffing and stitching the walls is taking many, many, many weeks.  It seems like it will never get done so you just keep plodding along all the while trying to fit in other important jobs like parenting and working.
But, suddenly, overnight things start to look up.  A new plumber can start next week, the sun is shining and the last wall is being stitched. 

Keep on keeping on!

June 16, 2013

Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day!

June 9, 2013


Planting trees has been a big project the last two weeks.  About 1400 have been put in the ground and there are still a few hundred more to transplant.  Mother Nature sent an inch of much needed rain to us yesterday.  Grow trees grow!

Tree planting


...and cake.

May 22, 2013

Having Fun

We planted trees (355 so far) on the weekend.  Only 1000 more to go at the end of the month!  The boys helped a little and played a lot.  I love how they use whatever there is available to entertain themselves.  Have a great Wednesday and thanks for checking in!


Still At It

The main floor is taking shape.  Walls have been trimmed, windows and door curves shaped and mesh hung.  Bales are still being's a two person job and is getting done when it can!  (p.s. the weather is lovely, the tree are green and the birds are singing....anyone want to come visit and help!). 
Here are a few pictures...


April 18, 2013


The end is near.  They are working on the final, and probably the most challenging, row. 
I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first time I have gone to the house since bales have been put in the wall. This afternoon I spent a couple hours scooping loose straw into piles and picking up recycling. 
Les is notching bales.   They are working on the final row.

Here is the southern walkway.  These windows are in the dining room and living room.
Here's the west walkway.  I'm in love with our wrap around porch and, in typical female fashion, am already envisioning where I will put flower pots, bistro set and a swinging chair.  One day!

Dangling electrical...

March 28, 2013



We are back from Florida.  Everything went great and I am proud to say that my sister and myself are officially the first franchise owners of Bricks 4 Kidz® in Saskatchewan .  This great business teaches children's educational classes in a variety of formats using LEGO® bricks

Check out our website!

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And lastly, wish us luck as we attempt building a straw bale house and building a new business simultaneously!