July 1, 2014

No perfect place


Six years ago we lived in a city with a million(ish) other people.  While visiting in May I felt a bit homesick for the amenities and recreation choices but that feeling quickly vanished when it took two hours just to get gas, shop at the drug store and buy wine.  The saying "nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there" feels so true.

It is my belief there is no perfect place to live, however, I do prefer the country.  After two years, completing standard household errands within a two block radius in less than thirty minutes is still a novelty. The spontaneity people have to gather for a two hour's notice weeknight dinner or afternoon coffee date is refreshing.  While we love going to the city to explore brightly colored and busy playgrounds we equally love playing in mother nature's playground consisting of rock piles, open fields and mud puddles. Listening to frogs croaking, the wind whooshing, ducks quacking and tractors humming is better for my soul (and sleep quality) than listening to dogs yapping, vehicles screeching, bass thumping and late night lawn mowing.  

Now, I must go enjoy the sunset from my porch.  Good Night and Happy Canada Day!