March 14, 2013


A building milestone has occurred.  Roof - check, house tarped in - check, and curb rail installed -check!  We are ready to start the bale portion of our straw bale home.  Anyone want to come help???!!!
Tomorrow Les is going to spend the day cleaning building scraps and putting away tools in preparation for a week off.  We are headed to Florida to train for a new business venture.  Stay tuned for more details!  My seven year domestic goddess career is about to end!
View of the west and north side. 

One of many very large snow drifts.
Building a door!

Here's the south side! 
A nice sunshiny afternoon!  View of east side of the house.
View of the southeast corner.  Scaffolding has been set up for bale stacking
as this is the only section lacking a deck.
View from the southwest corner of the house.  More wind and more snow this morning. 
Will spring ever arrive in these parts?
A lovely window bench (one of three) along the south wall.  I didn't have time to play with camera settings so, of course, everything is very orange inside the house.
Curb rail has been installed.

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