October 7, 2012


Building this type of home derives from our need to live in an energy efficient home that uses environmentally preferable materials.  The thought of no longer receiving a $400+ gas bill in January is very lovely. 
The foundation, frame and roof are similar to a typical build while the insulation, drywall and siding are not.  Our bales are sourced locally, less than a mile away.  Straw bales are natural, inert and have no off-gassing components. 
Interior materials are being extensively researched.  Our goal is to use components that are not typical and, most likely, not available from a big box store.  Items such as recycled cardboard light fixtures, vintage tin ceiling tiles, old church pews (for trim), recycled cardboard wall panels, and homemade solid wood doors will be integrated in order to minimize chemical and toxic impact.

If anyone knows about an interesting "green" building material please let us know!


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